Upgrading tentacle when one agent in two environments fail

In my setup I have three environments: Dev, Demo and Prod. We have multiple projects and for one weird reason (I don’t want to explain that here) I have to have one machine in two environments. So in Dev and Demo I have machine X. When doing an “Upgrade all” the tentacle upgrade on that machine fails but it works fine on all the other machines. I’ve had that problem the last couple of upgrades now so I think it is caused by the machine beeing in two environments.

Upgrading the tentacle manually works just fine and that is how I do it now.

Hi Thomas,

Could you attach a copy of the task output the next time this happens? Do you see an error message?


Of course. Should I enable a more verbose logging? Is it possible?

I can do the upgrade tomorrow when I’m back from vacation.

The latest release didn’t affect the agents so I couldn’t reproduce the error today. Shouldn’t I find the task log for the update for the update when browsing through the tasks? Or are updates of agents handled differently compared with other tasks?