Upgrading Octopus.0.9.620.4 to Octopus.

A few questions around the upgrade.
The upgrade instructions say backup config via Configuration->Storage, which does exist in 0.9. Is a DB backup sufficient?
The SQL instance we use to store the configuration in 0.9, is this required anymore? Did you migrate to RavenDB?
Would you recommend installing from scratch or should the upgrade be perfectly fine?

I must learn to read
"Please note that due to the substantial amount of changes in this release, it is not backwards compatible with older releases, and there isn’t currently a migration tool to migrate from pre-1.0 releases to this release. I’m working on a tool for that now."

Hi Nikolai,

That’s right, you’ll need to install from scratch on this one. I’m working on a tool that will import the old data from SQL, convert it, and insert it into the new database.