Upgrading Modern Version of Octopus


We are planning to upgrade our Octopus Server from 2018.8.5 to 2020.3.2. We are planning to build two completely new servers for both Octopus and SQL server(2012=> 2017); then upgrade both.

Here is the step we plan to do:
1: backup database in SQL 2012 and restore the database in SQL 2017.
2: move the Octopus server to new environment and install 2018.8.5 and connect with DB
3: Upgrade the Octopus server to 2020.3.2; the database schema will upgrade during this update
4: Test one week on the new server while the old server still have on-going deployment
==cut-over day (weeks later) ==
5: backup the database in 2012 and restore in 2017 again;
6: Test in the new Octopus Server with new data

But we got a few questions here:

  1. In the above step 3, during the connection with new octopus server, the database might changed the schema. So when we restore with newest data in step 5, it may have outdated schema, will the connection work? do we need to upgrade the octopus server in the cutover day?
    I guess the question really is how to upgrade the database without touching the OD software?

  2. During the Octopus upgrading, is Calamari need to be upgrade?

Thank you!

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The restore of the DB in step 5 may have issues depending on how it is done. If your intention is to essentially replace everything in the new database with the old one again, then, in theory, it should be fine. When the Octopus service starts it will detect that the DB is old and perform the same schema upgrades that it does post-upgrade.
The main problem would be if you were wanting to merge the data rather than overwrite, as that would likely result in schema mismatches.

Calamari will likely need to be upgraded, however, Octopus generally takes care of this when you attempt to deploy to any targets that need the update. It isn’t something you should need to worry about.


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Great Thank you Paul!

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