Upgraded from 2.6 to 3.0 - Different Installation Directory

I’ve just performed an upgrade from 2.6 to 3.0, which went fairly smoothly. I just have some questions about installation directories.

I used to have Octopus installed in C:\Octopus. C drive was filling up, so I thought I would take this opportunity to install 3.0 on D drive instead. The installation of the server and tentacle went fine, but then I went to delete the old C:\Octopus directory, but I noticed that some logs are still being stored there, by both the server and tentacle.

My question is, what is safe to delete in the old C:\Octopus directory? Also, is there anything outside of C:\Octopus that would have been installed with 2.6 that I should remove as well?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the question.

Octopus Server stores the path locations for logs, artifacts and packages in the database. There is a table called Configuration where you will need to change the paths to the new location where you would like Octopus to store those files.

Once you have changes those paths, move anything left in C:\Octopus to the new location and then it should be safe to delete.

There should be nothing outside of C:\Octopus that 2.6 would have created.



Hi Shane

Excellent, thanks.

What about TentacleLogs? When I open the Tentacle Manager, I can see that the Home directory and Logs directory are still set to C:\Octopus\TentacleLogs and C:\Octopus\TentacleLogs\Logs respectively (I should probably point out that I have the Octopus server and one of my tentacles installed on the same machine).

How would I go about changing the paths for those?

Hi Paul,

Tentacle is a completely different animal (completely different part of the animal?).

The path to the Tentacle config file is stored in the registry and then the Tentacle storage paths are read from that config file. So, I would:

  • stop your Tentacle
  • move the Tentacle files to the new location
  • start Tentacle Manager and re-install that Tentacle using the new path

From memory I think your Tentacle home directory will be updated when you re-install, you may want to check the Tentacle config file just in case.