Upgrade time


what is the average upgrade time?
as i have running an upgrade on our staging server for the last hour or so. Octopus is showing 'Reconfiguring Octopus’
Being a staging server it only has 50machines, ± 1000 releases, ±300 projects.
Windows Server 2012, 4GB memory, 2 processors 2.59GHZ, SQL 2014


Sorry forgot to add,
Upgrading from 3.1.7 to 3.3 beta

Looking at the logs upgrade was successful and service has started within 10minutes .
now i just receive ‘System dashboard loaded’ in the logs no other info and the installer is still showing ‘Reconfiguring Octopus’

Hi Anton,

Thanks for reaching out. Upgrading between those 2 versions should really only take a couple of minutes. If you go to the web portal, can you see if you are running the latest 3.3 version? If you are, are you able to deploy as usual?

Just trying to figure out if something is actually being reconfigured, or if its just the installer that froze up.

Best regards,

after leaving it for another 2 hrs, i closed the installer and the web portal opened.
i ran deployments everything was fine.

i reprovisioned the box and did the upgrade again and all went through under 2minutes . i have tried this multiple times now and all seems to be fine. i hope this does not happen when we actually run the upgrade in production :slight_smile:
When do you see 3.3 being production ready?

Hi Anton,

By the time you read this message 3.3 RTM will probably be out. If not, It’ll be out sometime this week.

Let us know if you have that same problem during your production upgrade.

Best regards,