Upgrade Octopus Server error

Hi I’m upgrading our on premise Octopus server from 2019.6.5 to 2019.13.7 and having problems :frowning:

Note - we can’t upgrade to the latest 2020 version because we currently have SQL 2016. Upgrading our SQL to a later version is a pretty big deal, probably not an option for at least 6 months.

Can you advise the best version to install that has SQL 2016 compatibility.

Also, our current issue is every powershell script our tentacle runs fails with a generic return code 1. I have a trick where I disable delete permissions from the work folder, this allows us to see the script it was trying to run and we see the first thing every script does is

if ((Test-Path “${env:TentacleHome}\Calamari\9.0.5\Success.txt”) -eq $false)

We do not have that path, we only have v 6 of Calamari. Even the “Update Calamari” option fails with this error :frowning:

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m very sorry to hear you’re hitting both of these issues. Regarding your server upgrade question, version 2019.13.7 would be the recommended version as that’s the latest before 2020.x which raised the minimum SQL server requirement. What errors are you hitting during the upgrade attempt? Could you send us the resulting logs to give us some more info to look into?

Regarding your second question where the version of Calamari being reported is v6, that sure does look a bit odd. I’d be interested in looking at the raw task log from the attempted Update Calamari task that fails. That will help us get a better idea of what could be causing this. :slight_smile:

Feel free to mark this thread as private, or email this information to support@octopus.com and I can pick it up there.

I look forward to hearing back and getting to the bottom of these ones!

Best regards,


Ok good so we’ve deployed the latest version.

I’m doing the test install on our dev server, so it’s not urgent. Actually now I think about it I had this problem last time I played around on our Dev Server. I’ve actually fixed it, but hopefully you can help me get it working without having me having to hack around.

Here’s what I did to fix it,

  • I noticed Calamari nuget packages in our Octopus folder with todays timestamp
  • I unzipped Calamari.nupkg and checked the version of the exe - it was 9.0.5
  • I manually copied the files from the package to the Calamari/9.0.5 and created a success.txt file

And now everything works fine :slight_smile:

Something seems broken in the downloading and installing of the Calamari update. The server obviously thought it had downloaded it and installed it as the system variable was 9.0.5, but the files hadn’t been unpacked and copied in place.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for following up and letting me know! That workaround sounds good, though this should certainly be handled handled better. I wonder if it’s somehow an issue with the transfer of the Calamari package to the Tentacle. If you delete that 9.0.5 folder on the target, the next deployment involving this target should automatically have this Calamari package pushed to it. If you hit this issue again, feel free to send through the logs and we can troubleshoot from there. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


did you manage to get this installed on SQL2016 then? And i agree upgrading SQL is a major deal.

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