Upgrade from 2.65 to latest version

I am new to Octopus Deploy and I have a requirement to upgrade the version from 2.65 to the latest available version - our plan is to install the new version and move the existing setup completely I am eager to know if there is any straight forward ways you suggest us

Hi Niranjan,

Thanks for getting in touch! I know that I’ve already replied to this question in email form, will outline it here as well.

I’m glad to hear that you are planning on upgrading from 2.6.5 to 2018.5.1, I will outline the steps that you need to follow below.

Firstly, I would stand up the new server infrastructure first, as we will need that as part of our upgrade process. Once that is complete install Octopus 3.0.26 on your new server, and follow the upgrade/migration instructions that we provide here. I would also recommend backing up your master key and database at each step (including this one) just in case something goes wrong as then you won’t need to restart from the 2.6.5. data extract. This is also good practice to perform before installing any updates in the future.

Once that is complete, and you have tested that your upgraded Tentacles are working correctly the remaining upgrades are very simple “install straight over the top” updates, and you can use the built in updater to upgrade your Tentacle versions as you go. Since you should now be on Octopus 3.0.26 the following upgrade path is recommended:

Octopus 3.0.26 > Octopus 3.4.15 > Octopus 3.17.14 > Latest

As you are upgrading you will need to also upgrade your Tentacles to match (or at least it is highly recommended that you do). I wouldn’t upgrade Tentacles at every upgrade, however I would ensure that you upgrade your Tentacles on at least the 3.0.26 [this one is mandatory], 3.17.14 and latest versions.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any questions or queries.