Upgrade from to 3.1

Hi there,
We are currently usiong Octopus and are planning an upgrade to 3.1. We make very heavy use of Azure cloud services and currently use a very customised version of the octopus cloud service deployment.
Looking at the docs it seems we should
1/ Do an inplace upgrade to 2.6
2/ Migrate to a new 3.1 server

Our questions are
1/ Is there any risk in performing an in place upgrade to 2.6? We can obviously backup our DB but if we end up having to rollback it will be alot more involved than restoring the old db.
2/ Assuming we manage to upgarde to 2.6. We can then build a new 3.1 octopus server and restore our data to it. I want to confrm that bringing this 3.1 server online wont affect any of the existing 2.6 tentacles and we will still be able to use our octopus 2.6 without issue while we verify the new 3.1 server.
3/ My wish would be to upgrade just one tentacle to 3.1 and test our workflow end to end using this one tentacle. Once all is well we can then upgrade the rest of our tentacles and shutdown the old 2.6 server.

Thks, any feedback is appreciated


Thanks for reaching out! Let me give you a hand with thouse questions:

  1. There’s no risk in performing an in place upgrade here. Of course making a backup first is always the best practice.

  2. You can totally create a separate 3.1 instance and restore your 2.6 backup, while having your 2.6 Instance running on the other side. But please keep in mind my answer to your next question.

  3. Once you upgrade a Tentacle from 2.6 to 3.1, the Tentacle will no longer be able to talk to the 2.6 server, and it will be talking to the 3.1 instead. If you upgrade only 1 Tentacle to 3.1, The rest of the Tentacles that are still in 2.6 will still be talking with the server of the same version.

Hope that helps