Upgrade breaks team/project linking

After upgrading from 2018.8.9 to 2019.3.4 in our test environment, our automation of project setup breaks.

More specifically, it seems like the property Octopus.Client.Model.TeamResource.ProjectIds has been removed? What is the new (and backward compatible) way of connecting a team to a project?

Hi Christer,

You’re correct, with the introduction of Spaces in 2019.1 we made some breaking changes to the teams API. You can see some details in the breaking changes section of the release notes.

The scopes (projects, environments, etc) which were previously applied to teams have been moved to the roles which belong to a team. This allows teams in Octopus to better represent real-world teams.

The specific class you are looking for is ScopedUserRoleResource. This class has a TeamId property and a UserRoleId property which links a team to it’s roles. It also contains a ProjectIds collection.

I hope that helps. Please reach out if we can provide more information.


Thank you for the, as always, superior support! Sorry for being too lazy for finding that information myself.

We’ll try to figure out how to do this as we have to support both versions in parallel in production and test environments…

No more info needed for now.

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