UPGRADE A HELM CHART Warnings for No files were found that match the substitution target pattern ValuesPack values.yaml

Hello, the files in the package are: values.common.yaml and values.production.yaml. There is no “values.yaml” file. In the Files in Additional Packages section I have:
values.common.yaml, and values.production.yaml.

So, why do I get these warning statements in the deploy log?

No files were found that match the substitution target pattern 'ValuesPack-1\values.yaml
No files were found that match the substitution target pattern 'ValuesPack-2\values.yaml



Hi @bob.hardister,

Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please send me a screenshot of how you have the step setup so I can take a look?

Please feel free to direct message the screenshot for privacy reasons if necessary.


Here’s an example:

Here’s the deployment log that uses the above process

To be clear. We really don’t want to be forced to name the default values file “values.yaml.” We want to be able to designate the name of the default values file to be anything we want.

Hey @bob.hardister,

Thanks for all the information.

Just to clarify, are the substitutions in your files happening and you’re getting an extra unnecessary warning about values.yaml, or are the substitutions on your specified files not happening?

Which version of Octopus are you currently on?

Please let me know.


Hi Jeremy,

Yes, the substitutions in the files are happening, and yes, we’re getting an extra unnecessary warning about values.yaml. We’re on v2020.5.8.


Hey Bob,

Thanks for the clarification. I’m going to talk with some colleagues and get some more eyes on this.

I will update you as I get more information but please feel free to reach out in the meantime.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for keeping in touch and for your report! I set up a reproduction in 2020.5.8 and saw the same issue. Good news is this looks to have been a previously known and reported bug which was fixed as part of the 2020.6.0 release (which has already been shipped). You can reference the bug report here.

Please let me know how you go after your next able to upgrade to 2020.6!

Best regards,


Great! Thanks Kenny, will do :slight_smile:

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