Upgrade 2.3.6 to 2.4.1 issue


We experienced some issues upgrading the octopus server from 2.3.6 to 2.4.1

After running the 2.4.1 installer, the octopus server (windows servcice) tried to start up but after about 10 minutes it failed and wrote an exception to the windows event log (i have attached the sception details). We also noticed that whilst the service was starting, RAM usage was slowly growing, to over 1.4 GB which was around when the process terminated)

So we then used the octopus server managment tool to attempt start the octopus service again, this time after about 5 minutes,the octopus website was back running.

However we then noticed that none of our Library Sets where showing in the Library Sets area (under the new menu location)

We created a new library set, and then looked in Raven DB - our library sets where indeed all still in raven db however the newly created library set had a “contenttype” value set, and our existing library sets did not have this. We manually added the content type value to our existing library sets - and then they all showed up in the UI again (panic over)

However we are now very wary - wondering if there is potentially other data that has not been migrated correctly! We are proceeding with caution.

I have logged this as an issue, in case there is anything that you need to address with your upgrade process (migration scripts)

stack_trace.txt (2 KB)

Confirmed, had to add the “ContentType” as well.

Thanks for the report - this is confirmed and will be fixed in 2.4.1, which we’re testing now with the intention of releasing today.

(If you run the server for a while, e.g. performing deployments, the content type will be populated for any related variable sets; the delay’s unpleasant though :))


this was fixed so closing.