Updating Octopus Deploy Server SSL Certificate

The current production deployment of the Octopus Deploy Server in the company I work for was done by a previous employee using a self-signed certificate, which is causing issues in some servers as it requires a valid certification path.

What is the impact of updating the SSL certificate in the Octopus Deploy Server having almost 200 tentacles already registered and working correctly?

Hi Roberto,

Thanks for getting in touch! Can you confirm for me a few things:

  1. What version of Octopus are you running?
  2. Are your Tentacles polling or listening?

That will help me give the correct answer.

Hi Vanessa,

Here are the answers:

  1.   Octopus Deploy Server v3.3.12
  2.   All tentacles are in Listening mode

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Hi Roberto,

If you are asking regarding the SSL certificate used for HTTPS traffic, that is configured via the Octopus Manager (as documented here), then this can be changed with no impact to Tentacles.
And I suspect this is the certificate you are interested in.

Howerver, just for clarity, if you asking regarding the certificate used for encrypting traffic between the Octopus Server and Tentacles, then the process for updating it is documented here, and involves updating the trusted thumbprint on each Tentacle.

I hope that helps,

Thanks for the reply Michael, you are right, I am referring to the SSL certificate used for HTTPS traffic in the Octopus Deploy Server.

I just wanted formal confirmation, thanks for your help.