Updating Execution location of a Runbook using API

Hi Team,

I have a requirement where I need to update the execution location and target role of a runbook for all the applications.

As shown in above image, I need to update both Execution location and the target role for all runbooks in all applications using API.

We have a lot of applications and manually updating it one by one is a time consuming process,
Hence can you please help me out with a API, which can help here to update execution location and target role for all runbooks.

NOTE: Inside each runbook we have around 4-5 steps, in which we need to update the execution location and target roles for all the steps inside a runbook.

Shaik Sadiq

Hi @sadiq,

Thanks for getting in touch!

As this is a very specific task that you’re trying to accomplish we don’t have a script to hand that will do exactly what you need.

The closest that we have would be this one that adds an Environment Condition to a Deployment Process step.
You will need to modify it to target runbooks rather than the deployment process and to amend the specific fields you want but the basic logic of the script may help provide a good starting point for you.

It may also be helpful to make the change manually within the UI and use the Network tab within your browser dev tools to capture the API call that the UI makes when saving these changes. This will provide you with the API endpoint you need and the structure of the request body being used.


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