Updating Calmary on one machine blocks deployments on other

We have run into an issue after upgrading to the latest version 3.13.7.
I noticed that some of our deployments stuck in deploy queue. After a quick investigation, I found that the problem is related with “Automatically Upgrade Tentacles” task. On a couple of nodes, something went wrong and it blocked every other task even if the task was not related to the problem node.
I think such problems should not block everything in the system, as it affects every project and every deployment.

Hi Alexander,

Sorry that this took so long for me to reply, I have been working with the devs on a solution. We need to stop upgrades happening to Tentacles when deployments occur and vice versa, so we introduced the mutex, however it is clumsy.
We agree with you that it should be related to machine and not related to task. We have created an issue to resolve this: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/3535

Thanks for reporting your experience to make the product better :slight_smile: