Update Variables does not work properly - Does not send values to the Custom ProcessStep/Script Module even though they are evident in the "Show Variables" of the Release Page

Update Variables did not work properly - It correctly updated variables from Global Variable Set (which we actually modified) but for some reason did not send the values of the variables in the other/different Global Variable Set to the “Custom PS Script Module” via “Custom Step Template”. PFB in detail!

Step 1: We did a Global Variable Set change
Step 2: This global variable set is used in 3 Projects, all these 3 Projects had an existing last successful release on them
Step 3: Performed “Update Variables” on all 3 Projects, then Re-Deployed to the last successful deployment environment
Step 4: 2 Out of 3 Projects were successfully deployed, but 1 Project was failed because its “Custom Process Step” & its underlying “Custom PS Script Module” did not receive values for a global variable set’s variables (we have not updated this global variable set)
Step 5: When reviewed the “Show Variables”, it did show the values for those variables which were listed in the error, I am sure about this as the echo & exception messages shows that OD did not feed the values for those variables from the Global Variable Set - even though they were listed correctly in the “Show Variables”.
Step 6: Retried the deployment in another environment - same error
Step 7: Created a New Release and now there is no error



Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay. I’m having some problems trying to reproduce this, so I’m gonna ask you for a bit more info:

  • Can you please send me the exported JSON of the step template you are using?

  • A screenshot of your custom step from Projects -> [your project] -> Process -> [your step] where I can see the values of all the fields

  • A screenshot of your Library Variable Set where I can see the variable that you modified.

  • The raw log of your failed deployment http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Get+the+raw+output+from+a+task

Best regards,