Update server urls from behind a corporate proxy

Hi I wish to get the octopus domains allowed through our corporate proxy server from specific machines. I have to request this as a change but want to be sure that all domains that you use to provide updates etc to the running octopus deploy server are covered.

So I have so far
and also g.octopushq.com ??

Are you able to confirm any other domains the servers will need access to or are they documented somewhere ? I can’t find it anywhere onyour sites.

Hi Andy,
Thanks for getting in touch, I’m sorry to hear you were unable to locate our document the outbound requests made from an Octopus Server. Please feel free to check out our documentation on outbound requests for more information. Your list so far looks really good, the only other few items you might need to consider are the CRL (how Windows checks if a TLS Certificate is revoked) etc, but they’re also touched on in our outbound requests documentation.

Further, we have some other documentation on hardening an Octopus Server, in here you can see a few other outbound rules that can be applied at your firewall.

I hope this has helped, please feel free to keep in touch if you have any other questions.

Kind regards,