Update octopus variable values onto azure

i am trying to update azure variable value as per the cloud configuration file from source code.

can anyone help?

Hi Abdul,

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m having a bit of trouble trying to understand what you want to do exactly. What do you mean by azure variable and cloud configuration file from source code?

Feel free to send screenshots or this source code you mentioned to aid in the explanation.

Best regards!

hi Dalmiro,

Thanks for your reply!

actually i need to transform octopus variable’s values into azure.

when i chekin a change and try to deploy the release so deployment would successfully done but changes into variable doesn’t take place.
like if i set a variable “StorageConnection” value=“test” onto octopus so after deployment this change should reflect on azure.


Hi Abdul,

  • Can you show me where are you setting this variable storageconnection to test?
  • When you say you expect it to reflect in azure, you mean in a config file of your application in Azure, or someplace else? If its somewhere else could you share me a screenshot of where would you want this value to reflect?



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