Unzip package directly to Custom Install Directory


When extracing a package for installation, is it possible to force the unzip directly into CustomInstall Directory?
Looking at the documentation it is mentioned that it always extracts to a different folder first.

Having package with a huuuge amount of files that first need to be extracted, then copied makes the deployment process time to go up quite a lot.
If not, maybe moving the files is faster than copying everything?


Hi Per,

Thanks for getting in touch! As Octopus follows a strict “Best practice” model for continuous delivery, there are some design choices that were made to guard against some potentially harmful outcomes in a deployment, extracting to a separate location before running transformations and substitutions, then copying to the custom installation directory were one of them.

The following is a snippet from our documentation page on using a Custom Installation Directory : http://docs.octopus.com/display/OD/Custom+Installation+Directory

We make the assumption that when you are using a Custom Installation Directory it has a working copy of an existing website or application. So to blindly extract the new package in your existing directory, without first completing any transformations, or variable substitutions could potentially break your application or website. So even when you are using the Custom Installation Directory feature, we extract the package to the above listed directory and perform all transformations and substitutions.

There is no option in Octopus to move the files after extraction instead of copy. Following with the continuous delivery model, we believe that you should re-point IIS to a new location (our current default operation) as it means you do not have potential down time or errors on the site while the files copy. This is the main reason that Custom Installation Directory is a feature and not used as default.

Sorry for not being able to help more here!

Best regards,