Unwanted od-temp.example.com binding in new IIS Website with merge existing bindings


When deploying a new IIS website with the bindings option “Merge with existing bindings” set, the website gets an unwanted binding of “od-temp.example.com” on port 81.

Unfortunately as our process requires deploying 2 IIS website this then clashes on the second site and causes it to fail, requiring manual intervention to remove the od-temp bindings from both and re-deploy.

I’m guessing the name means “Octopus Deploy temp” and has been added by Octopus (It’s not part of the configured bindings, and I’m guessing not an IIS default).

How to I prevent this (whilst keeping the Merge bindings option) from being added? It strikes me that it shouldn’t be getting added to a new IIS website by default.



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Hi Steve,
Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear you have hit this issue with Octopus.
I have managed to reproduce the bug and created an issue for it here. We already have a fix for it in the pipeline, hopefully within the next couple of days a new version with this fix will be released.

I hope that helps, Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,
Tom W

Hi Tom, I see that u merged fix to Calamari on Jan 17, 2020
Octopus auto-updated Calamari to 8.1.3. It seems that this version does not include the fix.
On Calamari release page version 8.1.5 contains this fix.
How can I update Calamari manually?

Hi Anton,
The latest version of Octopus Server 2019.13.4, ships with a newer version of Calamari 9.0.1 that fixes this issue.

Kind regards,
Tom W

Thanks Tom.
I think u need to update changelog about this issue https://octopus.com/downloads/compare?from=2019.9.12&to=2019.13.4