Unticking Configure features > Enabled features still executes features


I may have found a bug. I’ve been experimenting with the Configure features option in the Deploy to Windows Azure step type.

I had ticked all the features under Configure features > Enabled features and had been entering values and trying things out. Later I was debugging and unticked all in Configure features > Enabled features. During a deployment however I could still see the features being executed. It appears to only hide the sections on the form and does not disable execution - which is a little confusing to the user experience.

PS. While I’m at it, a couple of small typos:

“This script will after” should be “This script will run after”

Located on Deployment script and Post-deployment script descriptions on process step edit page.



Hi Brendan,

After unticking the features, did you create a new release? The process is snap-shotted along with each release, so unticking them won’t affect existing releases.

Hope this helps,

(Typo fixed, BTW; thanks!)

Ah no, I probably didn’t. Thanks Nick :slight_smile: