Unsupported release candidate that expires

I’m getting the message:
“Important, please note: you’re using an unsupported Release Candidate version of Octopus Deploy that will expire on April 1st 2014. To keep using this app, please download a supported build and upgrade now”.
I’ve bought a Team-license and entered the license in Configuarion/license, but still the same message.
I then downloaded the Octopus server from the website and installed it over the old installastion, but still the same messages.
What should I do?

What version did your download? Make sure to check that the version you installed is not a pre-release or RC version according to the download page for Octopus.

We saw this message previously because we were on version, which was a pre-release apparently. When we updated our installation to, which is the full 2.0 release, the message went away.