Unrecognized command line arguments: path --clusterShared when setting up OD in HA

Hi all,

I’ve been following this to setup a new HA cluster to migrate away from our single node environment.

All gone well until i try to point the OD server to the shared file storage.
On running the command:
octopus.server.exe path --clusterShared \\storageserver\storageshare$
I receive the exception “Unrecognised command line arguments: --clusterShared \storageserver\storageshare$”

This has the command specified slightly differently from the wallkthrough --clusterShared=\\storageserver\storageshare$ but that command returns the same exception.

We’re running version 2019.12.8.

Can anyone provide any reason why this would be the case


Hi @don.brown

Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry for the confusion on this one.

The --clusterShared switch was only added in 2020.2.15, which is why it is erroring when you attempt to run it against your 2019.12.8 install. The problems with multi-versions and keeping docs up to date.

In your case if you omit the --clusterShared option, so execute octopus.server.exe path \\storageserver\storageshare$ on all of your nodes and you should be good to go.

Any issues please let me know,


Thanks for the info Alex.

The command you suggest omitting --clusterShared still fails. However, your information regarding the version that the switch was available made me query the path command. It suggests doing exactly as described in HA deployment walkthrough i.e. running the commands to specify each location individually.

Octopus.Server.exe path --artifacts \\Octoshared\OctopusData\Artifacts
Octopus.Server.exe path --taskLogs \\Octoshared\OctopusData\TaskLogs
Octopus.Server.exe path --nugetRepository \\Octoshared\OctopusData\Packages
Octopus.Server.exe path --telemetry \\Octoshared\OctopusData\Telemetry

Thanks for the help. Been scratching my head on that one for longer than i care to admit!

Hi @don.brown

Good catch, sorry that I accidentally led you astray there. Happy to hear that you sorted this one, please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with!


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