Unrecognized command arguments

I’m trying to create a teamcity promote that only promotes a specific package version. When I enter the package details and try to run it I get an error stating “Unrecognized command arguments”. I’m formatting the command according to https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Octopus-Tools

The command I’m entering is: --package=BSO.Website:1.715.157

The error output:

[Octopus Deploy] Running command: octo.exe deploy-release --server {commented} --apikey SECRET --project BSO Umbraco Website --enableservicemessages --version 1.719.161 --deployto BSO-PROD-2 --package=BSO.Website:1.715.157
[19:22:15][Octopus Deploy] Promoting Octopus Deploy release
[19:22:15][Octopus Deploy] Octopus Deploy Command Line Tool, version
[19:22:15][Octopus Deploy]
[19:22:15][Octopus Deploy] Unrecognized command arguments: --package=BSO.Website:1.715.157
[19:22:15][Octopus Deploy] Exit code: -1
[19:22:15][Octopus Deploy] Octo.exe exit code: -1


In Octopus a “Release” contains a list of package versions that get deployed together. “Deployment” is the act of applying that release to an environment.

The Octo.exe create-release/TeamCity plugin “OctopusDeploy: Create release” runner is used to create (and optionally deploy) a release. You can use the --package arguments when doing this.

deploy-reelase/TeamCity plugin “OctopusDeploy: Promote release” runner is used to apply an existing release to a new environment. You can’t use --package when doing this because the release has already been defined.

To promote a specific release, use --version=1.715.157 when using deploy-release.

To create a new release with that specific package, however, you should use the create-release command/runner instead.

I hope that helps!