Uninstall tentacle does not remove tentacle.config

Hi there

Just had an issue where we uninstalled and reinstalled a tentacle, to fix the tentacle servr thumbprint. However, the tentacle.config file was not removed, so after reinstalling, it had the exact same issue, and there was no simple way to reconfigure the server thumbprint from the ui. (We uninstalled again, deleted the tentacle.config file, and installed again, which resolved the issue)

Can i suggest that:

  • uninstall prompts to ask the user if they want to remove the tentacle.config or not
  • show / allow the user to edit the server thumbprint in the tentacle manager ui


Hi Matt,

Sorry for the confusion/frustration while trying to change the Tentacle’s server thumbprint.

You can set the thumbprint from the command line with:

Tentacle.exe configure --instance "Tentacle" --trust "YOUR_OCTOPUS_THUMBPRINT"

I agree that it would be much more convenient being able to set the thumbprint via Tentacle Manager and that deleting an instance is not particularly clear about what is kept and what isn’t. I’ll add your suggestions to the list of Tentacle Manager improvements.