Uninstall both Tentacle and Octopus

Considering using Octopus and Tentacle.
Can you please explain what the process is for removal of the Octopus client and the Tentacle service.
My technical colleagues will want to ensure that the apps are well-behaved.


Hi Graham,

You’ll need to:

  • Remove the Tentacle service (tentacle.exe /uninstall)
  • Remove the Octopus service (octopus.server.exe /uninstall)
  • Remove the Octopus IIS web site and application pool
  • Remove the HKLM\Software\Octopus registry key on both Octopus and Tentacle servers

Finally, you can then run the standard uninstaller for the MSI. You may also want to delete or backup the C:\Octopus folder which is (by default) where the Octopus database is kept.

I apologize that there are a few steps involved, I’ll try to make it a single line command in a future release.


Thanks for the info

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