Unexpected behaviour when pressing 'delete' while editing variable name


When editing a variable name in project settings > variables, i often use the ‘delete’ button to delete a character in the name. However, this results in deletion of the entire variable. I understand it is a feature to delete a variable using the delete button, but in my opinion this is not very intuitive while in ‘editing mode’.

My suggestion:

  • in editing mode, pressing the delete button should result in removal of the character after the cursor,
  • When not in editing mode, deletion of a variable via the delete button should be available after line selection.


Is this not just because the default is to have all text highlighted so you just need to right key press off the highlighted text???

If you highlight the row instead of text within a field, I think it’s a great feature to have that key be a shortcut for deleting a variable…

I understand and agree the case you describe is a useful feature. However, my issue is not a related to the text being highlighted.

For example:

  • click the name of a variable called ‘pear’ to go in edit mode. The name becomes editable and highlighted,
  • move the textcursor with the left keyboard arrow backwards to after the ‘e’. (highlighting disappeared)
  • press DEL once. I expect the text to change into ‘per’. For a very short time the value indeed becomes ‘per’, but then the variable is promptly marked as deleted.

Using Octopus Deploy 3.2.9, and a very recent version of Chrome.

I use Chrome 47 and Octopus 3.0.12 and I tested what you said and for me it just deletes the character like a normal text editor would…

We have a second, newer Octopus Deploy instance here which is version 3.2.0 and that also works just like a text editor.

I’ll have to leave this for the Octopus Support guys to investigate and comment, sorry.

ok, might be some regression then… We just started fresh with Octopus, so i can’t confirm if it happened in older versions.

Just tested in latest version of chrome (47.0.2526.80 m), and the issue persists.

Hi Folks,

I tried to replicate this, then noticed that it has different behavior in the variable name versus the variable value (read the ticket title Vanessa!). Then I also noticed that backspace works as you would expect where delete marks the line deleted. And that seems like you get both worlds. You can delete a character with backspace, and delete deletes the row.
Edit mode itself is the only way to really select the correct line and then hit delete, and it is by design the delete key function is there.

So I would have to say this probably won’t change at least for this iteration of the variable editing screen. And it has been this way for way for a very long while.


Thanx Vanessa, for the elaborate answer.
I’ll try to get used to it then.