Unchecked checkbox is falsy but also truthy

I have setup a Tenant variable template called #{Tenant.EnableCDN} which is of control type checkbox and defaulting to True.
My web.config transform is configured as follows with Substitute variables in files enabled:

#{if Tenant.EnableCDN}

#{unless Tenant.EnableCDN}


If the tenant’s checkbox is checked as I would expect only the if fires.
However if unchecked both the if and unless fire. I would have thought that only the unless would have.

Is this a bug or have I configured it incorrectly?


Hi Matt,

Thanks for getting in touch! I think the problem lies in the closing statement of the first block. It is #{/unless} instead of '#{/if}`.

Please try that change if let me know if it still does not work as expected.


Robert W


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