Unable to use just an Octopus variable in Script

Hi, I’m trying to make my deployment as flexible as possible, one step just runs a single powershell script but so this can live in different places and have different names, I’ve made a variable to hold the file location but trying to assigned just the Octopus variable within the PowerShell Script section doesn’t let me save, it says:

There was a problem with your request.
Please provide the script body to run.

Has this been fixed is a further version than 3.0.12?


Thanks for reaching out. Lots of bugs for the Powershell Script editor were fixed since that version, but if my memory and search skills are not failing, I don’t think we had one in particular for that error. I can confirm that this is not happening in the latest version (3.2.9)

How does your script look right before you click on save?



Just re-read the subject of your ticket - You are trying to use just a variable in the script and Octopus is not recognizing it because of this bug: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/1974

Updating to any version higher than 3.2.1 should fix this.

Hi Dalmiro

The script looked just like:


So was just a variable. Is there any breaking changes I should be aware of before upgrading? Not sure if the Channel stuff will change the way my deployments currently run. For now I’ve got around it having my script like:

. $PAWeeklyRunCallerFile


Hi Gavin,

There are plenty of changes, but none of them should break your current setup.

In 3.1 we re-designed our Azure deployment approach, and we introduced dedicated Azure steps instead of 3.0’s Azure deployment targets. If you are using Azure targets, they will still work in 3.2, but be advised that we will eventually deprecate them and only keep the 3.1 Azure steps. More info about this release: https://octopus.com/blog/octopus-deploy-3.1-pre-release

In 3.2 we introduced the concept of “Channels”, but your 3.0 setup will still be working as expected. Blog post about this release: https://octopus.com/blog/octopus-deploy-3.2

Best regards,