Unable to upload package

When I create a package with 7zip, such as:

c:\program files\7-zip\7z" a -tzip acic.zip *.dll

Octopus deploy tells me that I cannot add this since it is not a supported file type. I also tried creating a tar, but do luck. I was able to load a random zip, just not one created by 7zip.

This is a brandnew install of version 3.3.8 x64 on a Windows 2012 server.



Hi Ken,

Thank you for contacting us. It looks like the problem is that Octopus requires that the package filename to contains the version of the package. For a detailed description of the requirements, please refer to the Supported Packages section of the documentation.

I have tested the following command, and the generated package uploads successfully:

"c:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" a -tzip acic.2.3.zip *.dll

Hope that helps,

Robert W

Perfect thanks.