Unable to select a particular environment

I am using Octopus for an project in my company. I started creating an process in an project and tried to use one of the environment for the process. In the process I was able to define a particular environment(machine) in which I want to run the process.

But, when trying to create a release, it selects the other environment by default and I am not able to change the environment. I believe I am missing something very basic.

shown in the video.

issue.mp4 (579 KB)

Added audio to the video for better understanding the issue

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Thanks for getting in touch! Thanks also for the video, that was helpful to understand your scenario.

Where your project is deployed to is determined by its lifecycle. The first environment in your lifecycle is API Testing VM's. When you’re selecting the environments to deploy your release to, it’s only showing that environment, as it’s the first one in your lifecycle.

There are a couple of options to deploy this project straight to your Tentacles environment. My suggestion: since your single step is scoped only to this one environment, you can create a new lifecycle where only that one environment is defined. You can create this in your web portal under Library > Lifecycles > [Add lifecycle] (refer to my first screenshot). Then we can change the default lifecycle for this project to this newly configured one (as shown in my second screenshot). This will then allow you to deploy to a new release to this one environment only.

Another option is to configure your existing lifecycle to have optional phases. You can read more in our docs about this feature.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with going forward!

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Hi Kenneth,
Thank you so much for your reply. I will try that out tomorrow in office as its part of my work.
I am an intern learning new technologies and now trying to implement an project using Octopus. So, I might come up with some questions in near future. Any information would be highly helpful. I have a question in concept of octopus.
Assuming,Machine A - Octopus serverMachine B - Octopus tentacleMachine C - machine which has some tests automated through batch file.
Now, I will write a powershell script in a process(Machine A) to access the batch file in the machine C and I want to run that batch file in the machine C, Running that batch file will cause the tests ro run against the application in Machine B.
Please let me know if this is possible. In other words, if it is possible to run the powershell script in another machine through octopus.
Please let me know if my understanding is correct. Also, if my question is unclear, let me know so that I can create a short video in my work place.

Thank you for your help.
Thanks,Manoj Kumar

Thank you Kenneth. The above issue of enabling the environment is resolved now. But, unfortunately I am another issue, which I have raised as a separate problem.

Access_issue_in_octopus.mp4 (1 MB)

Hi Manoj,

That’s not a problem at all! It’s great to hear you resolved it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know you’ve raised a separate question, and we’ll help you with that question in that thread. Don’t hesitate to get in touch again if you have any further questions along the way!

Kind regards,