Unable to force package download with 'ForcePackageDownload' system variable


A deployment is using the Deploy a Release step to trigger deployment of a secondary release, and that deployment is using a cached package. However, the package has since been updated and because Octopus is not downloading the new version, deployments are continually failing.

Deleting the secondary release and recreating it always results in the same dynamic worker being used, meaning the same (invalid) cached package is used.

After reviewing the system variables page, the variable Octopus.Deployment.ForcePackageDownload = True has been added to the secondary project (and included in variable snapshot of the release being deployed), but the cached package is still used.

How can I force Octopus to download a fresh version of the package? Presumably killing the worker from your end would work, but hopefully that’s not the only solution.

Logs, just in case they are helpful - ServerTasks-968732.log.txt (21.1 KB)


Hi David,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question.

The ForcePackageDownload option causes the deployment target to re-download the package from the Octopus Server. However, the Octopus Server also maintains a package cache which this option won’t bypass.

Could you please advise if changing the “Package download” option under the “Advanced” section of the release settings to “Re-download packages from feed” causes this to work?

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Thanks @charles.hague, that did the trick for the main deployment and happily filtered through to the secondary deployment to.

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