Unable to download Nuget package... (404) Not Found. System.Net.WebException


I’m a rookie in Octopus deploy trying to get a continues delivery chain to work on the same local machin. I’m using TeamCity as CI-server and so far managed to create a NuGet Feed which Octopus successfully connects to. When I test the Nuget repository using the search everything works fine. But when I try to create a release through a created project I get the error:

Unable to download package: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.

Download package WebApplication1 1.0.38 from NuGet feed: Local Dev Nuget
2013-09-17 21:23:17 DEBUG Checking package cache for package WebApplication1 1.0.38
2013-09-17 21:23:17 INFO Downloading NuGet package WebApplication1 1.0.38 from feed: 'http://localhost/httpAuth/app/nuget/v1/FeedService.svc/'
2013-09-17 21:23:17 DEBUG Downloaded packages will be stored in: C:\Octopus\Data\PackageCache\feeds-1
2013-09-17 21:23:17 DEBUG Finding package (attempt 1 of 5)
2013-09-17 21:23:17 DEBUG Found package WebApplication1 version 1.0.38
2013-09-17 21:23:17 DEBUG Downloading to: C:\Octopus\Data\PackageCache\feeds-1\WebApplication1.1.0.38_30715B3EFEDE8847B9B9F8A260A8AF78.nupkg

All services (Octopus server, Tentacle service, teamcity server) and the local Octopus site applicationPool are using a local Admin account.

I can not figur out what the poblem is. Does anyone have any clue what I could be missing?


Can you try restarting the Octopus Server process just in case that fixes it?

It seems like Octpus can query the TeamCity server, but it can’t download the actual file. Could you try running Fiddler on the Octopus server to see the details of the 404 request?

If you add the TeamCity feed to your Visual Studio package manager, are you able to download packages using Visual Studio?


Hi Paul,

Thanks fo your reply. Finally I managed to find out what was wrong. When I create a new release, wrong version number apears in the packages table in the Latest Version column. Is this a bug or a configuration problem? In order to bypass this I choose the latest version by clicking on the magnifying glass under Specific Version and selecting the right Version there.