Unable to deploy to multiple environments


We were initially using the trial version and then purchased a 20 users, 20 proj’s and 20 tentacles license and updated the old(free) license with the new license on the same octopus server instance and restarted the service(done this as per the instructions from the octopus support team). Now I’m able to deploy to multiple servers(deployment targets) but not multiple environments. If I have Dev(1st env in environments tab page) and the INT(2nd env in environments tab page) then in this scenario(screenshot-1) i’m only able to deploy to Dev and I don’t get the option to choose INT environment. In the case of vice-versa(screenshot-2) like reorder them and move INT to the top and Dev to the bottom then it only allows me to deploy to INT but not Dev.
Can yu please help me if i’m missing something.

Hi Pawan,

Thanks for getting in touch!

It looks like your project lifecycle hasn’t been configured correctly, by default you have to deploy to the environments in the order that they have been ordered on the Environments page. Which is hinted to by the fact that the available environment for deployment changes when you change the order of your environments.

You can read more about it under the Lifecycle Phases section of this page

Hope that helps!