Unable to create external NuGet feed with credentials

Hello there!

I need to create external NuGet feed. It will use my organization’s private feed from TeamCity. This feed is protected with standard authorization via login and password pair. But when I’m trying to save feed with credentials specified, Octopus rejects me with “Username and Password, are only supported for HTTP/HTTPS feeds” validation message.

Hi @VassyutovichIlya, thanks for reaching out.

I think the issue here might be that you have a space in front of URL. If you remove any whitespace from the start of the URL that error should go away.

Matt C

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Yeah, you were right, somehow a space crept in my uri. But I think you’ll agree with me, that error message is quite misleading. I hope it will be fixed.

Hi @VassyutovichIlya, this validation issue will be resolved in an upcoming release of Octopus. The issue is being tracked at https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/5229.

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