Unable to configure Windows service using NSSM

I don’t think this is an Octopus failure, I believe this is an issue related to Tentacle permissions, however it would be great to find a resolution or workaround.


  1. We are currently running Octopus Tentacles using default configuration, i.e. running under System account. We would like to keep them this way.
  2. We want to write a script to set up an application (Logstash) as Windows service using NSSM (Non-Sucking Service Manager). It’s no brainer doing it manually, but we want to automate it.

If a script starts a NSSM process that tried to configure Logstash as a service, the deployment hangs
If I try change Start-Process parameters to accept -Verb RunAs option, then deployment completes, but then I don’t seem to be able send required arguments to NSSM together with RunAs option.

So I wonder if anyone has been through similar problems and whether you managed to solve them.

Thanks in advance

I want to be able to do this as well. We have Azure webjobs that we want to be able to run locally in our dev environment before we deploy them to Azure.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for contacting us. We currently don’t have a direct way to support the installation of Azure webjobs locally. Octopus can definitely help you running a powershell script that does the installation, but it’ll be up to you to write that script.

Sorry i couldn’t be of much help this time :frowning: