TypeError: Cannot read property 'State' of undefined

We just upgraded to 2018.2.6, and some users are getting this error (but not others) when viewing the Task Summary tab of a deployment.

Octopus v2018.2.6
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘State’ of undefined
State (/app/areas/projects/components/Releases/LifecycleProgression/LifecycleProgression.tsx:230:24)
filter (/app/areas/projects/components/Releases/LifecycleProgression/LifecycleProgression.tsx:228:69)
renderRedeploymentButtonForPhase (/app/areas/projects/components/Releases/LifecycleProgression/LifecycleProgression.tsx:151:30)
renderPhaseRows (/app/areas/projects/components/Releases/LifecycleProgression/LifecycleProgression.tsx:113:16)
renderPhaseRows (/app/areas/projects/components/Releases/LifecycleProgression/LifecycleProgression.tsx:111:22)
body (/app/areas/projects/components/Releases/LifecycleProgression/LifecycleProgression.tsx:72:17)
renderChildren (/app/components/PermissionCheck/PermissionCheck.tsx:23:14)
renderChildren (/app/components/PermissionCheck/PermissionCheck.tsx:23:27)


Thanks for getting in touch,

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue, I realize this behavior can be frustrating.

We’ve identified the root cause of this issue and this has been reported in the following Github issue with a fix to be shipped in the next release.

If this is urgent, you can safely rollback to 2018.2.5 before that bug was introduced, but it’s always recommended to ensure you take a backup of your Octopus database before doing version updates/rollbacks just in case.

We’ll be shipping that release if all goes well in testing over the next few hours.

I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,


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