Two folders are automatically generated

Hello, I want to ask two questions:

  1. Why the project I deployed will be deployed twice on the target machine, that is, two folders are automatically generated, for example: folder A and folder A_1.
  2. Why is the DEV environment automatically deployed when I deploy to the TEST environment?

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  1. I’m assuming that you’re referring to the contents of the Applications folder? If so, every time you perform a deployment of the same package version on a deployment target it will create a new folder and add an underscore and incremented number rather than overwriting what is already there.

If you are seeing two folders created within this directory at the same time, then that suggests that you either have two steps using the same package within that deployment or there are two identical deployments running at the same time.

  1. I would have to guess that your Lifecycle may be configured to automatically deploy to the DEV environment once the release enters that Phase, which is likely occurring following the deployment to TEST


Thanks, I also suspected that the problem occurred in the lifecycle configuration, as I was using someone else’s configured lifecycle. I will go check the lifecycle configuration.

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