Two deployments from the same project should not run concurrently

We have CI and Release builds. Release builds are triggered manually, and include a call to Octo.exe to create an Octopus Release and deploy it to our QA environment.

We recently ran into an issue where two people queued Release builds. Both builds successfully created Octopus Releases (GOOD), and initiated deployments (GOOD). When I checked the Octopus portal I found that both releases were running concurrently (BAD).

I definitely want to be able to run concurrent releases, but when two different releases, in the same project, are targeting the same environment, the second release should be queued behind the first release. The current behavior seems dangerous.

Hi Brannon,

Thanks for letting me know, this issue hasn’t come up before but you are right, there’s no reason anyone would want this behavior. I’ve added an item here to track it and we’ll fix it in the next release: