Two clusternodes as one agent


We have a scenario where we have a failover SQL cluster as database for an application. SQL01 (10.0.01) and SQL02 ( are the SQL servers. One is primary and one is secondary node. If something happens to the primary node, the primary role will fail over to the secondary node. The application is configured to connect to a virtual sql node; SQL-Listener ( When it connects to this, it will be forwarded to the primary node. The secondary node will always synronize its content with the primary node.

We use Octopus to update our application to a new release. Today we have to manually check which node (SQL01/SQL02) is primary for the cluster and disable the secondary node in Octopus in advance of the deploy of the new release. After we have deployed the new release to the primary node, the secondary will automatically syncronize with the primary node and become up to date. If we deploy to both nodes shit will hit the fan.

I want to remove the two nodes of SQL01 and SQL02 to replace them with SQL-Listener. Will this work if I configure the octopus agents on both SQL01 and SQL02 with the same fingerprint as SQL-Listener has on the Octopus server?

When I say “agent”, I offcourse mean “tentacle”.

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This configuration doesn’t work with Octopus I’m afraid. We’ve had other customers try the same and have not been able to get it running either.

Sorry for the bad news.

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