Two ASP.NET sites deployed in one Octopus Project

I’m searching for the best practice to deploy 2 ASP.NET Web API projects into a single Octopus Project.

  • Should I try to create one NuGet package with both sites?
  • Is it possible to push two NuGet packages to a Octopus Project?

Hi Anders,

Thanks for getting in touch! As a good practice we recommend to keep each (visual studio) project inside its own NuGet package. If both APIs have to be deployed at the same time as part of one same system, then we recommend to have 1 Octopus Project, with 2 Nuget package steps. Each step will be in charge of deploying one of your packed APIs. This will also give you the chance to deploy just one of the packages and skip the other if something happens and you have to patch just one of them.

If the APIs belong to completely separated projects and they don’t depend on each other in any way, the 2 Nuget packages and 2 Octopus projects would be the way to go.

Hope that helps!



Thanks for fast response! I’ll try make two NuGet packages and try to publish them to one Octopus project. They are only two enpoints for the same business logic so I guess that should be the best choice.