Trying to connect to database using different to credentials to the service account

Hi there,
I’m trying to get set up for the first time – I’ve installed on a server in our Dev network (let’s say <server_name>), and am running the Octopus service under an account (<deploy_account>).
When I start the service it immediately fails on database login because it has tried to connect using <server_name> instead of <deploy_account> as I had expected (the latter has logon access to the db). Is there a way I can force Octopus to connect to our database via <deploy_account>? I can’t see <server_name> mentioned anywhere in the config files.



Thanks for reaching out. You can change the account running the Octopus service (which is also used to connect to the database) from services.msc. Just Right click on the service -> Properties -> Log on and change the account.

Hope that helps,