Trouble with offline package drop

We have recently started using the offline package drop to do deployments to various clients. The process is:

  1. Execute PowerShell script
  2. Deploy NuGet package
  3. Deploy NuGet package

This works at 3 of our client sites, but on the fourth after being prompted for the sensitive variables password the deployment just halts, it says as much as “decrypted sensitive variables from file…”. It then just sits…we left it for about 20 minutes and nothing happened.

We cancelled the powershell executable and tried running it again and received an error about Access Denied (see screenshot), NB: we didn’t get this error the first time.

Is it possible we don’t have enough permissions to execute the script? This is a machine that is provided to us from a client and not one that we control.



Thanks for reaching out. Definitely a permissions thing. I would start by giving that account full access over C:\Offline* and to wherever the offline deployment is sending files to. Then run another deployment -> See if you get an “Unauthorized” error -> grant access to that path - retry.



Hi Dalmiro,

Turns out the problem was that the file was “blocked”. The fix was to browse into the Scripts folder and open the properties of our powershell script and click Unblock. After that the deployment ran successfully :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.