Triggered auto-deploys and refreshing of variables

Hi folks

I am using octopus version 3.13.8
Given the following steps:

I deploy version 1.0.0 of my app into an environment sucessfully. The app already has a trigger to auto deploy enabled with force redeploy on.
I disable the machine
I update variable ABC and then refresh the variables in release 1.0.0
I enable the machine
Auto deploy triggers and automatically redeploys my app for me again as expected and it suceeds.

Does the second deploy (the auto redeployment) use the version of variable ABC from the first deployment or the refreshed one? From the looks of my testing is does not get the updated variable value and uses a snapshot from the first deploy even though it has been “refreshed” but I cannot see this behaviour documented anywhere. It does make sense to me but trying to confirm the behaviour and work out if this is bug or feature? if a feature can this be added to the docs please on the triggers Q&A page.



Thanks for reaching out. This is in fact the expected behavior. Re-deploy triggers were designed to guarantee that what was previous deployed on a given machine successfully, gets deployed to future machines. In this case 1.0.0 with-variable-change hasn’t been yet deployed to a machine, so its not a candidate for a re-deployment through a trigger. 1.0.0 without-variable-change has already been deployed to a machine, so its what Octopus will deploy through the trigger.

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That makes sense and was what I suspected after testing so thank you. I could not confirm this behaviour just from the docs though so any updates there would be appreciated.