Trigger Retries on Error?

I have a Runbook that refreshes my Kubernetes tokens. I have a trigger setup to run this every 12 hours.

When it is successful, then it works well.

If for some reason it fails, then I loose connectivity with my Kubernetes cluster.

Is there some kind of failure response I can bake into a trigger? What I am looking for is something like:

  1. Trigger runs
  2. If it fails, it retries every hour for 8 hours.

Is there some way I can get triggers to do that?

Hi @OctopusSchaff,

Thanks for getting in touch!

There isn’t anything within the trigger itself that could do this, however, you may be able to add a step to your runbook process with a Run Condition ensuring it only runs when the previous steps fail.
This step could be a script that when run enables a second trigger/runbook that then runs every hour for 8 hours. You would likely want to include something in this second process that disables the trigger when it is successful.


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