Trigger: not the latest release deployed

I have configured a trigger to deploy the latest release on the test environments. Both source and destination environments are set to ‘Test’ and the latest release deployed is 574 (10 sept) but 505 (20 aug) is deployed. What i’m doing wrong?

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear your automatic deployment triggers aren’t working as expected.

We are happy to help you track this issue down but may need a little more information from you to do so. Has release 574 been deployed to Test successfully using the Test Channel for any of the Tenants listed under Trigger Actions?
Octopus will not automatically deploy a release if the deployment for that release was not successful (this can be a failed deployment or even a canceled deployment).

For Scheduled Triggers if the same environment is selected for both source and destination the latest successfully deployed release in the source environment will be re-deployed to the destination environment. Also, the latest successful deployment for the specified channel and source environment will be deployed to the same channel and destination environment.

Here’s a link to our documentation on Troubleshooting Automatic Deployments that might be useful here.

I hope this helps, but please let us know if you have further questions.

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