Trial license doesn't appear to be valid?

Hi all

I just downloaded Octopus Deploy 2.0 and subsequently requested a 45 day trial license and received the email with the license key within seconds. But when I enter the license key in the getting started guide, I get the error message that “The license key doesn’t appear to be valid”.

Perhaps I should add that I’m trying to install Octopus Deploy to a Windows Server 2008 side by side with version 1.6 of Octopus Deploy.

Is there some sort of delay before the issued license key wil be activated? Or is this some other (known) issue?

Hope anyone can help.



You need to paste the entire “XML” into the "License field - not just the text between the node…

Maybe it’s just me… But I feel that it should say so somewhere, paste in everything between and including the <License […]> and nodes.

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Thanks Michael, we’ll update the validation message so that it’s more obvious what needs to be pasted here. Thanks for the feedback!