Transformations not working


I am deploying to an Azure Cloud Service. I have a nuget package from team city, within that nuget package I have my cloud package (cspkg) and my service configuration file (cscfg).

I have an app setting called “App.SiteMode”. I set this setting to “Testing Site” when I am on the QA scope. But when I deploy to QA environments it doesn’t change the value, what am I doing wrong here?

Also I am trying to update the credentials under the SMTP section and it will not take. It keeps reverting back to the username I am logged in as in Octopus.

I also have a case where XML transformations are not working. I only see this in the verbose log, but there is not indication that it is doing anything. I see the config files being scanned for variable substitutions, so they definitely do exist.

Running procedure 'Delete temporary package files’
Verbose 00:37:45
Looking for any configuration transformation files
Verbose 00:37:53
Storing a record of the deployment.
Info 00:37:53
Deployment complete.

I took a look at my log in Verbose mode and I have something similiar:

2 files were extracted from the package
Verbose 09:30:27
Initial variable evaluation performed.
Verbose 09:30:27
Variables have been fully evaluated.
Verbose 09:30:27
Running procedure ‘Delete temporary package files’
Verbose 09:30:27
Looking for any configuration transformation files
Verbose 09:30:27
Looking for appSettings and connectionStrings in any .config files

I have also attached some screenshots to assist:

Varibles.png: Shows the variable name in the appSettings that I am trying to override
DeployScreen.png: Shows that I am deploying to “QA”
PackageContent.png: Shows what my nuget package looks like (deleted cloud pack name)
WebConfig.png: Shows the appSetting name/value

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.
For Azure Cloud Service step, we do not unpack the cspkg - so we cannot find or run any configurations. It will only run on configurations outside of this package (but inside the NuGet package) currently.
In 3.0 we will be unpacking the cspkg and doing any transforms, but until then customers are doing things like this: (see David’s response second from the bottom)