Too many environments

Our situation.

We currently use Octopus to deploy to different environments. Dev, Test, QA, …

Now we want to setup the production deployments. Our problem is, every customer has its own application & database. The application is the same NuGet package, but with different configurations.
Some customers are on different versions then the latest version.
We have multiple customers on one machine. (Amazon EC2)

We don’t want to create an environment for every customer. How can we have a nice and clean overview, of all our customers with the deployed version? Without creating an environment for each customer.

I.e.: Production Environment, 5 machines. On every machine there are 6 customers = 6 IIS applications.

It should also be possible to promote from on environment to a set of customers, with one click. (less important)

Hi Preben,

We have plans to add a multi-tenancy option to Octopus to support this scenario - see this trello item for details and to add your comments: