To control parallel deployment

Hi All,

We wants to control parallel deployment , because in the same server we are deploying 4 tenants of 20+ project each.
This practice is making CPU utilization high and builds are getting in failed for server unavailable issue .

I have tried by using OctopusBypassDeploymentMutex setting True for 10 project and False for 11th project, out come is we identified this method consume much time.

Consider the scenario of 10 application ,of out which 1st 5 project should start its deployment and last 5 project must be in queue state once after the 10 projects triggered at a time.

Please suggest me any better way to manage this scenario.

Santhosh Shet

Greetings! Once method you can try is to lower the task cap of the server. This will limit the amount of parallel tasks that the server will run at any given time. When implementing a solution such as this, you need to bear in mind that this affects all tasks on a server, not just a deployment. Health checks and other server tasks will be counted towards the task cap that you set.

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