Timing Out


I have been using Octopus Deploy trial version now and i’m really happy with what it can do. I have created multiple projects and environments for my CD and they have been working well.

A few days ago, i have experienced a lot of timeouts in deploying my projects. It is quite random though, and not consistently timing out on a specific build/step process. Sometimes it’s even when acquiring the NuGet packages. Sometimes i have to retry the deployment N number of times before it works.

What could be causing these timeouts?

I have AntiVirus running on the tentacles, could it have an affect?

I’m close to recommending my company to buy a basic licence for it, i just want to iron out these timeout issues before doing so.

Hi Morris,

Thanks for getting in touch! Antivirus can definitely effect deployments. We recommend getting the c:\Octopus folder in the white list to not check/scan.
What version of Octopus are you running for your trial?